How long does it take to get our video/photos back?
We aim to deliver the first copy within 6-12 months of the event taking place (unless otherwise stated).

Do you outsource any of the post production work?
No. All editing is done in house.

Can I have all the raw footage?
Unfortunately due to our style of filming, we do not give customer access to the raw data.

Can I choose the songs for the video?
Absolutely. Once the video is close to completion, we will email you asking for a list of songs.

Is my footage stored safely?
After each wedding, the footage is backed up on two different hard drives. Each hard drive is stored at a different address.

How many pictures are in the wedding album?
Our typical albums are 50 pages with approximately 180 images (these can be adjusted according to client’s needs).

Who chooses the pictures for the album?
The client does. Once post production work has taken place on the pictures, we then send all the images to the client via usb. The client will then select the images for the album and send the usb back.

Can I get an album made elsewhere?
Absolutely. All images are edited and supplied on a cd and given back to the client. The same work goes into the pictures regardless of whether the album is made through ourselves or a third party.

Can we have separate albums for the bride and groom side?
Absolutely. The pricing for this will be discussed during a consultation.

If we only want cinematography or photography from yourselves, is this possible?
Yes. Visionary Media Productions are happy to do photography or cinematography if the client has another one of these services booked via another company.

If my event over runs, will Visionary Media Productions continue to capture the event?
Yes. We understand that sometimes events do not go according to time. This will be discussed during the consultation.

How many pictures will I receive?
We will ensure that every relevant pictures is edited and given back to the client. We cannot commit to a number as it depends on the event itself.

Will my footage be in high definition?
Yes. Everything we shoot is in high definition.

How many copies of the final video will I receive?
Two. Each additional copy can be purchased for £20.

How does the payment work?
We charge a 50% booking deposit, 35% two weeks before the first event and 15% Before post production begins.

Can I request changes to my video?
Yes. We will give the client a first copy, once the client has watched the video through, they can then request one set of changes.

Do you carry spare equipment?
Yes. We always have a spare camera with us.

Do you drink alcohol whilst working?
No. Visionary Media Productions operates a no alcohol policy when working.

How long does a pre wedding shoot take?
Whilst an exact time cannot be guaranteed, a pre wedding shoot usually takes around 2-3 hours.

Can I choose the location?
Absolutely. Please note some locations require permits which we would need to apply for (costs for this are covered by the client).

Do you have insurance?
Yes. We have public liability insurance.

Will everything be captured on my wedding?
This is not something we can guarantee due to the nature of live filming.

What qualification do you have?
Msc in filmaking

Do you travel outside of London?
Absolutely. We are happy to shoot worldwide (cost for travel is covered by the client).